Terms of Service

Billing and Payment

* Payment is due prior to the date of service. If you have chosen a service plan, the total will be charged to your card on file on the 2nd of every month.

* Pricing reflects per visit; however you will be invoiced one month at a time.

* Pricing is based on an average 3,000 square foot yard.

* If your card is declined we will contact you to make other arrangements. If we are unable to connect, we will discontinue service immediately until the issue has been resolved. 

* All major credit cards are accepted.

Yard Access

* If there is a gate, it must be unlocked and accessible on day of service. If it is locked or  blocked, we will notify you right away. If we are unable to reach you within 5 minutes of  arrival, service will be rescheduled and a $5.00 transportation fee will be charged.

* Pets MUST remain indoors while services are performed until everyone/everydog feels comfortable and at ease with each other.

* Gates are properly secured and a picture will be taken when our technician is exiting your property after each visit.

* Arkansas Poop Patrol is NOT responsible for waste missed due to overgrown grass/weeds, excessive leaf accumulation, or any other obstruction caused by poor lawn maintenance.


* In the event of unsafe or inclement weather (wind chill temps below 32 degrees, lightning, severe weather alerts), we will come to your residence when the weather clears or as soon as the schedule allows.

* We do not offer refunds for missed days due to weather. In these cases, we will work with  you to arrange another day to service your yard.

Scheduling and Cancellation

* Once you’ve chosen a service plan we will inform you of your service day, based on when your area is serviced. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

* You will be sent a courtesy text on your service day prior to our arrival to your property.

* Service can be cancelled at any time as long as Arkansas Poop Patrol is contacted within  48 hours of service, otherwise you will be charged for the scheduled service.

Additional Information

* If we notice any unhealthy changes in your pet’s waste (worms, blood, diarrhea), we will notify for your awareness.

* Waste will be disposed of onsite in the property’s trash bins; otherwise a $3 fee will apply for off-site disposal.

* If your cleaning area is larger than the 3,000 square feet we base pricing on, we can visit      your property for an in-person quote.  

I have read and I fully understand all terms stated above. I agree to allow Arkansas Poop Patrol to remove pet waste from my yard and dispose bags in my trash bin.